breport - The Bacula Reporter

breport is a Bacula report generation tool. Reports are generated as part of the normal job schedule and emailed to users or admins. breport uses the JasperReports engine to generate high quality PDF reports very suitable for printing. Adding your own custom reports is as easy as creating the JasperReports file and dropping it into a directory.

Why do this?

Although bacula sends out very verbose messages for every job, not all users find this very easy to make sense of. Also it is rather hard to look at trends in aggregate. This project started when I thought that my jobs were taking longer to run but I had no way of knowing what the average run time was without manually querying the database.

What are the Requirements?

Because JasperReports is written in Java, breport by extension is written in Java. This means that the machine creating the reports must have a JVM installed. Also because my own bacula setup uses PostgreSQL as the catalog database the stored procedures are written only for PostgreSQL. If someone is interested in creating MySQL versions of the procedures I'd be more than happy to include them. Logo Source Allies, Inc